La Floresta,

Designing a Sustainable Meal Test

Jordi Pascual

What would it take to make a meal totally sustainable? How many players? Where would you get the food? How would it be coordinated? Transported? What if the meal aims to feed 900 people? In a world where consumption is subject to a logic that escapes end-consumers, breaking with the general dynamics to make a… Read more »

An interior space that is a street

Jordi Pascual

Carrer del Carme, in Barcelona’s Raval district, is much more than meets the eye when walking by. On the first floor of number 94, the street invades the building. At least that was the goal of the Arrels Foundation when they decided to promote the Zero Flat, a space for homeless people who are reticent… Read more »

A workshop for the homeless

Leve Projects

  “La Troballa” Workshop School is part of a strategic global proposal to improve the conditions of the Arrels Foundation facilities and aid in their task of caring for the homeless. The project consisted in adapting an old workshop to manufacture flags in Ciutat Vella to become the new headquarters of this workshop school.  … Read more »




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Daniel Cid

I'm a professor and studied Art History. For nearly twenty years, I have reflected on and acted in the world of... design. I have written about inhabiting and the city. I have shared many design innovation projects with my students. I am currently an associate professor at Winchester School of Art – University of Southampton (United Kingdom).

With Leve, I have co-taught classes for the Housing Module at Elisava. Together we have worked on projects like Zero Flat and the Dress Rehearsal.

We are united by Arrels Foundation, the barracks, FAD, Joan Amades, Josep Pla, Juanjo Lahuerta, La Mala, Miquel Fuster, Núria Ventosa, PAA, Pasolini, Pla Cerdà, la Plaça de La Floresta, Rue 13 del Percebe.

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Raúl Goñi

I want to reflect on this new era (POST-). I want to go against myself (ANTI-). I want to go further... that I've been so far (META-). I want to do it as subversively and radically as possible (ULTRA-). The goal: to use posters as a weapon for communication to ask questions, generate debate, make people uncomfortable and criticise the design profession. We've lost the essence of the profession: manifesting ideas and reflecting aloud to promote a livelier society. Scream

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Francesc Pla

He estat durant més de vint anys la P de BOPBAA, estudi d’arquitectura caracteritzat per obrir el camp de joc de... les especialitzacions a què es pot dedicar un arquitecte. Des de fa tres anys, comparteixo un projecte comú a La Floresta amb l'Eva Serrats, amb qui ens vam conèixer estudiant arquitectura.

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Eva Serrats

He practicat oficis diversos en camps com la fotografia, el cine, la creació d’esdeveniments, projectes culturals, pedagògics i activismes. Des de... fa tres anys, comparteixo un projecte comú a La Floresta amb el Francesc Pla, amb qui ens vam conèixer estudiant arquitectura.

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