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Leve Projects

Agora Phon. [ æ g ο r ə ]; 1. n. A reception and farewell space in the Zero Flat (ZF). In the evening, when arriving to the flat, the homeless are welcomed by volunteers and given a welcome pack. This pack consists of a mattress (SP), with a blanket incorporated, a privacy headboard and… Read more »

Designing a Sustainable Meal Test

Jordi Pascual

What would it take to make a meal totally sustainable? How many players? Where would you get the food? How would it be coordinated? Transported? What if the meal aims to feed 900 people? In a world where consumption is subject to a logic that escapes end-consumers, breaking with the general dynamics to make a… Read more »

Architectural cooperativism enters the Catalan Association of Architects

Jordi Pascual

As citizen participation has been affecting the logic of public administrations and architects have increasingly started to work together, technical work has necessarily changed. It is necessary to make architectural performance intelligible to people who do not have the training required, so they can contribute to technical transfer later. Also, the work of diverse teams… Read more »

Conference on Cooperative Architecture

Eva Serrats

agenFaced with the growing desire of some citizens to take part in the processes transforming the city, the Catalan Association of Architects, through the Plan Impulsa “Programme for Improving Competitiveness”, hosted a Conference on the active role of architects in participatory processes and the tools needed to make real participation possible, suitable and useful.  … Read more »

Deciding a neighbourhood’s mobility together

Jordi Pascual

  In 2013, the La Floresta neighbourhood of Sant Cugat del Vallès got good news from its district council: Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB – Barcelona Metropolitan Area) had analysed the area to set criteria for paving the roads and future urban development. In the same session, the government presented its Plan against Dust and… Read more »

DIY rehabilitation of your home

Eva Serrats

In July 2014, a group of young squatters took over one of the teachers’ houses in La Floresta (Sant Cugat del Vallès), in a building with six terraced homes owned by the city that were not being used at that time. They were calling for the City Council to turn those homes into the first… Read more »

Design as an urban test

Jordi Pascual

  Although in the collective imagination design is associated with aesthetics, architecture, fine art, etc., any action or object is designed to fit the function it is intended to have. When it comes to a large-scale event, design must take into account aspects that vary widely, from mobility to the relationship between the encounter and… Read more »