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Arrels Foundation Zero Flat

Low-demand temporary housing for the homeless

Zero Flat is a pilot programme of low-demand temporary housing for the homeless, proposing an alternative way to ensure access to housing. A conventional flat was renovated and transformed into a “street flat”, giving people who sleep rough the option to stay the night. It is geared towards people who have rejected other shelter options or have been unable to adapt to some of the rules they impose regarding behaviour and communal living.

The need to overcome the limitations of these conventions led the flat to be designed as a half-way spot between the street and a home, with aspects of both concepts in terms of space, technology and symbols. The flat becomes a reversible space that acts as a collective dwelling at night and, during the day, is used for training Arrels Foundation volunteers and advocates. The prototype was created with the aim of testing all aspects of the project that could be generic and repeated in the “zero flats” to come.

Start Date 31/01/2015
End Date 25/05/2016
Title Arrels Foundation Zero Flat
Mission Pre-project, Preliminaru project, Exectutive project, Site management
Typology Renovation
Location El Raval, Barcelona
Area 116,25 m2
Developers Arrels Fundation
Budget 42,000 € (PEM)
Redactor Team Leve Projects, Adrianna Mas, Daniel Cid
Collaborators Foment de Ciutat, SA (owner), ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria, Anoche Il·luminació, Ferrés Arquitectos y Consultores, IHP-Group Xavier Meliz, TDI Enginyers, Curro Claret, Raúl Goñi, EME3, B01 Arquitectes, Fundació Vincles, Foampsa, Ramon Borda (process collaborators), AIA Salazar Navarro (engineering), Isolana Fundación Privada, Lamp Lighting, Gabarró, AIA Salazar Navarro, Pcl SA, Decoinnova Pintores, LG Electronics Spain, Forbo Flooring Systems, Orac Decor, Schüco, Persiana Barcelona, Sumace, Bruc Jardí (sponsors), Esquerdes sl., Toco Fusta, Ecomatalasser, Colt, K-Control Solar, Catal-Pur (collaborating companies).

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