La Floresta,

Basant, kiteflying war

Production of the feature film “Basant, kiteflying war”. A documentary about kite passion in Pakistan, come up out of the collaboration between two filmmakers and two anthropologists. A true story, but hard to believe.

Lahore, Pakistan, days before the coming of spring. The sky is full of kites to celebrate Basant, the most popular festivity in town. On ground level, the city boils. The political situation is tense, influential voices cry out against kiteflying, considered dangerous, anti-Islamic and pro-western. Unexpectedly, the government bans the celebration and applies antiterrorist law to all those who fly their kites. The city shuts down in sad silence. But some will defy the ban.

Start Date 2005
End Date 2007
Title Basant, kiteflying war
Mission Production of a feature film
Typology Feature Film
Location Lahore, Pakistan
Film directors Andrés Antebi, José González Morandi, Pablo González, Eva Serrats
Production Fotoleve Productora, Casa Asia, Generalitat de Catalunya
Executive producers Andrés Antebi, Eva Serrats
Script Andrés Antebi, José González Morandi, Pablo González, Eva Serrats
Director of photography José González
Sound Raúl Lucea
Running time 54 Min
Format Color, Betacam
Original version Urdu

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