La Floresta,

Futures Market

Production of the feature film “Futures Market”, a cinematographic portrait of the housing market and the transformation of cities, their centres and peripheries, and the landscape as a result of the real estate fever unleashed in Spain in the decade before the economic crisis of 2007.

“Futures Market” was shot in 2009, at real estate fairs, investment companies, leadership conferences, the Encants flea market and other places in Barcelona and Madrid. Spaces that, without being secret, can sometimes involve a certain secrecy. The important thing is to enhance the role, or the social function, of the figures involved and their work, rather than their personal side.

Start Date 2007
End Date 18/11/2011
Title Futures Market
Mission Production of a feature film
Typology Feature Film
Location Barcelona, Madrid
Film director Mercedes Álvarez
Production Ignacio Benedeti, Xosé Zapata, Eva Serrats
Duration 110 Min
Format HD CAM – 35 mm
Collaborators Arturo Redín – Mercedes Álvarez (screenwriter), Alberto Rodríguez (photography), Sergio Moure (music), Ricard Casals (editing), Pablo Gil (film editor), Marisol Nievas – Amanda Villavieja (sound), Jordi Balló (UPF delegate producer)

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