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Girona Smart School Way

Under the framework of the Smart Cities master at the University of Girona, the Urban Projects workshop was developed to establish a link between urban planning and smart measurement technology. It was a laboratory to test various “smart” proposals by putting the city and its needs first and allowing ICT tools to serve this purpose.

The workshop focused on the need to improve and strengthen School Path networks to make sure children can get to school safely and self-sufficiently. A methodology for developing replicable and scalable urban projects was established and applied to create School Path networks, with the goal of developing an application to locate the routes students use.

By creating a map of the route each student took and categorising students by their self-sufficiency, the routes were classified according to several variables including distance, steepness, road safety, cycle accessibility, proximity to other modes of transport and the location of meeting points. Finally, by using data management systems, the school spider was visualised and the best routes categorised.

Start Date 25/09/2015
Final Date
Title Girona Smart School Way
Mission Programa docent
Typology Education
Location Girona
Developer University of Girona, UdG
Teachers Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla

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