La Floresta,

"Say Yes to Architecture" campaign

An activity that vindicates the social and cultural aspects of architecture, at the time the preliminary draft for the Law on Professional services and Associations (Ley de Colegios y Servicios Profesionales- LCSP) was about to be passed.

In October 2013, architects, coordinated by their associations, schools and societies, organised a joint event to reject the preliminary draft of the LCSP and in defence of architecture. The mobilisation consisted in an event to raise awareness in Madrid, in front of the Prado, and in other cities in front of their official associations, as well as an action on social media aimed at conveying the message beyond the immediate setting and getting more people involved.

CSCAE, representing all the associations in the country, submitted a significant number of arguments against the draft of the Law on Professional services and Associations, considering the draft unconstitutional. The legal report highlighted the discrimination and arbitrary nature of the text in its treatment of the profession, which was left in a legal limbo in terms of professional responsibilities.

Start Date 2013
End Date 18/06/2013
Title "Say Yes to Architecture" campaign
Mission Project
Typology Event
Location Barcelona
Developer Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya
Curators Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats

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