La Floresta,

Travelling exhibition "Talaiotic architecture in prehistoric Menorca"

The museum installation of the travelling exhibition “Talaiotic architecture in prehistoric Menorca” was based around a central space. The emphasis of this spatial and narrative centrality was further favoured by an introductory space providing visitors with keys to interpreting the exhibition and a final space to sum up and encourage visitors to interact, focused around a large image of Menorca.

The central area is a space full of emotions. It evokes an architectural experience. The layout of the exhibition contrasts two perimeter walls, the architecture of life and the architecture of death, separated (or united) by a central space full of objects. Four tables, one for each of the periods covered in the exhibition. The walls were built by adding light boxes, image/objects that create a spatial sequence evocative of the Cyclopean masonry described. This way, the installation could easily be adapted to the different spaces it would encounter.

The final area was focused around a large image of Menorca that also acted like a landscape backdrop for the central space.

Start Date 28/01/2016
End Date 27/10/2016
Title Travelling exhibition "Talaiotic architecture in prehistoric Menorca"
Mission Project
Typology Travelling exhibition
Location Travelling (Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, 2016; Prehistory Museum of Valencia, 2017; Ibiza; Menorca)
Area Variable
Developer Government of the Balearic Islands, Menorca Insular Council
Budget (PEM)
Architects Leve Projects
Collaborators Giovanna de Caneva (project), Cristina Brun (project), Adrianna Mas (project), Guillem Bigas (project), Víctor Bauzà (project), Clara Gassull (photography), Kultura, idees i estratègies per al patrimoni, S.L., Goñi Studio, Museu Arqueològic de Catalunya (MAC)

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