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Troll is a movie made without concessions. It is tough, but tougher is the reality that the main character lives. Troll doesn’t want to denounce anything, was made for the own desire of the protagonist. Troll is direct cinema, physical cinema, “handmade” and absolutely independent.

Troll was released the first of July 2005 in the first edition of the Digital Barcelona Film Festival (DiBa), where the film got the Special Prize of the Jury.

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Start Date 2005
End Date 2007
Title Troll
Mission Production of a feature film
Typology Feature Film
Location El Raval, Barcelona
Film directors José González Morandi, Eva Serrats Luyts
Script José González Morandi, Eva Serrats Luyts
Production Fotoleve Productora
Photography and direct sound José González Morandi
Edition Néstor Domènech, José González Morandi, Eva Serrats Luyts
Sound edition and original soundtrack Raúl Lucea
Running time 54 Min
Format MiniDV, Color
Graphic Design PaMua
Cast Yolanda Rodríguez “Troll”, Ahmed, Merlín, Juani Rodríguez and neighbours of Can Tunis and Barri Gòtic of Barcelona
Festivals and awards

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