Primary care architecture: primary care for the people

Jordi Pascual

Being rooted in a neighbourhood and not sacrificing proximity means that citizens come to the architecture office to ask about their small concerns and discover what an architect can do for them. The workspace then becomes a place where people come and go with questions that may end up leading to a new commission or… Read more »

Dodging two train lines on foot

Jordi Pascual

Among other particularities, Sant Cugat has two rail lines that run side by side, without connecting, around a top-notch healthcare facility (Hospital General de Catalunya) and an expansion of the city with retail and office spaces (Can Ametller). These two rail lines divide the two sides. The great challenge for the Sant Cugat City Council… Read more »

Speaking about La Floresta Speaks

Eva Serrats

Having to talk about something that technically does not exist forces you to make some preliminary remarks.   As if it were a matter of writing about a presence or a ghost, which manifests itself only through the traces it leaves behind. Surely La Floresta Speaks can only be described with facts: What happened? How… Read more »

Public works under review

Francesc Pla

There’s no way I’ll wait until it has passed to write this. In fact, whenever I wait for the anger to pass, I forget the reason.   A year ago, we lost a tender to build a beautiful museum of prehistory because the bid ranked fifth in quality by the panel of judges was fifteen… Read more »