Zero House / New low demand center in Menorca

Leve Projects

The team of architects Leve Projects has already presented the basic and executive project of the Low Exigency Center for homeless people promoted by the Consell de Mallorca in Maó. It will have a total of 15 places and the forecast is to open next year. The service will be open 24h and will have… Read more »

Zero Flat selected in XII BIAU

Eva Serrats

Pis Zero, of an experimental typology towards its replicability, has been selected to Habitar al Margen from XII BIEAU Zero Flat is a pilot programme of low-demand temporary housing for the homeless, proposing an alternative way to ensure access to housing. A conventional flat was renovated and transformed into a “street flat”, giving people who… Read more »

Eva Serrats MAC Anglès

Primary care architecture: primary care for the people

Jordi Pascual

Being rooted in a neighbourhood and not sacrificing proximity means that citizens come to the architecture office to ask about their small concerns and discover what an architect can do for them. The workspace then becomes a place where people come and go with questions that may end up leading to a new commission or… Read more »

DRESS REHEARSAL: Design as an urban test

Jordi Pascual

  Although in the collective imagination design is associated with aesthetics, architecture, fine art, etc., any action or object is designed to fit the function it is intended to have. When it comes to a large-scale event, design must take into account aspects that vary widely, from mobility to the relationship between the encounter and… Read more »


Leve Projects

Agora Phon. [ æ g ο r ə ]; 1. n. A reception and farewell space in the Zero Flat (ZF). In the evening, when arriving to the flat, the homeless are welcomed by volunteers and given a welcome pack. This pack consists of a mattress (SP), with a blanket incorporated, a privacy headboard and… Read more »