DRESS REHEARSAL: Design as an urban test

Jordi Pascual

  Although in the collective imagination design is associated with aesthetics, architecture, fine art, etc., any action or object is designed to fit the function it is intended to have. When it comes to a large-scale event, design must take into account aspects that vary widely, from mobility to the relationship between the encounter and… Read more »

An open-air archaeological museum

Jordi Pascual

The challenge of making an archaeological dig into a museum lies in adapting to the reality of the landscape without making it more difficult to properly see the ruins the visitors have come for. Leve Projects was commissioned to curate a castro, a pre-Roman fortified settlement that is common in Galicia, and to create a… Read more »

An exhibition designed for locals

Jordi Pascual

Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve for two decades, but now the government has decided to promote this concept, understanding that it not only addresses natural values but also requires the involvement of all the stakeholders in the territory. Leve Projects was commissioned to prepare a travelling exhibition targeting Menorca residents, for which we opted… Read more »

A great holiday from the vision of suburbia

Jordi Pascual

Historically, Barcelona has looked inside itself and relegated the Besòs River to a role as its backyard, the periphery that would welcome ring roads, working-class neighbourhoods and immigration. Nevertheless, near the river, diverse cities have popped up with their own personality, moulded, in large part, by the intangible border that the Catalan capital created over… Read more »

The Gernika Peace Museum after declaring peace in Euskadi

Leve Projects

The tender to remodel the Gernika Peace Museum was born out of a strong desire to adapt its discourse to the situation today, establishing a way of understanding the socio-political museum as a kind of living organism. Our proposal addressed the conceptual transformation of the museum rather than the formal and economic remodel. The opportunity… Read more »

(EN) Museïtzar la vida al carrer

Jordi Pascual

  Barcelona, in order to face the waves of immigration that have defined it, had to carry out various urban activities over the course of the past century. It was about creating complete neighbourhoods that met minimum liveability requirements and providing services for people with limited economic resources. A good example of this is the… Read more »