Leve Projects

Santa Rita Experience ha sido seleccionada a los premios FAD de Interiorismo   Santa Rita Experience es una propuesta culinaria única, con un cocinero entregadísimo y con un trato muy cercano. Xavi Bonilla hace una propuesta preciosa pero arriesgada con su proyecto gastronómico: un espacio donde cocinar y degustar como si estuvieras en casa pero… Read more »

Zero Flat selected in XII BIAU

Eva Serrats

Pis Zero, of an experimental typology towards its replicability, has been selected to Habitar al Margen from XII BIEAU Zero Flat is a pilot programme of low-demand temporary housing for the homeless, proposing an alternative way to ensure access to housing. A conventional flat was renovated and transformed into a “street flat”, giving people who… Read more »


Leve Projects

FRAGMENTS OF CITY   One tower, two urban staircases The same construction, vertical and slender, located at one end of the fire station’s drill yard, rises up in the interior landscape of Vall d’Hebron with two completely different purposes. On the one hand, it is used as a drill tower, i.e. the most realistic scenario… Read more »

Primary care architecture: primary care for the people

Jordi Pascual

Being rooted in a neighbourhood and not sacrificing proximity means that citizens come to the architecture office to ask about their small concerns and discover what an architect can do for them. The workspace then becomes a place where people come and go with questions that may end up leading to a new commission or… Read more »


Leve Projects

The Gladiol House, a new single-family home in La Floresta, fits into the terrain while respecting and enhancing the plant life currently on the plot. The idea of keeping the house elevated above the terrain on a plot with such a steep slope gives the building permanent visual contact with the plants and its surroundings…. Read more »

The renovated Can Millars Indoor Municipal Pool opens to the public

Leve Projects

On June 2018 the City Hall of Cornellà de Llobregat inaugurated Can Millars swimming pool after several months adapting and improving the facilities, involving the integral interior and exterior reform of the equipment and the creation of a square at ground level for rest and leisure. The most important part of the rehabilitation and expansion of… Read more »

An interior space that is a street

Jordi Pascual

Carrer del Carme, in Barcelona’s Raval district, is much more than meets the eye when walking by. On the first floor of number 94, the street invades the building. At least that was the goal of the Arrels Foundation when they decided to promote the Zero Flat, a space for homeless people who are reticent… Read more »