La Floresta,

Ruff Traffic Circle Ripollet

A ruff is “a projecting starched frill worn round the neck”.

A traffic circle as the solution to an intersection full of traffic problems, in an urban area within the core of the town, opposite the Town Hall.

A traffic circle is a series of geometric relationships between two circles and a vehicle’s turn radius. In our case, that of the inter-urban bus established the outer limit. Carving the resulting circumference into the setting allows us to tip the scales of the project towards pedestrians.

As surprising as it may seem, a road solution has led to a better-quality community space. The pavements were widened as much as possible, emphasising the continuity of walking paths, re-planting tree lines and building a pleasant centrality.

The aim is always for the solution to be part of the place, to feel like it fits in to daily life and needs no other languages. From here came the routes, materials, separations, recycling of urban elements, tree species…

The interior of the traffic circle is called a ruff. A reference to its distinctive delicacy, made geometric and systematic as an industrial piece for the public road but laid simply on a carpet in the middle of the intersection. For us, a subtle monument to functionality.

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Start Date 08/11/2013
End Date 11/03/2016
Title Ruff Traffic Circle Ripollet
Mission Contest, Pre-project, Preliminary project, Executive project, Site management
Typology Urban development
Location Ripollet, Barcelona
Area 1,531 m2
Developers AMB, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Ajuntament de Ripollet
Budget 189,931.20 € (PEM)
Architects Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla
Collaborators Adrianna Mas (protect), Amadeu Abril, Josep Peraire, Javier Meliz (surveyor), Tdi enginyers, LAMP (lighting).

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