The renovated Can Millars Indoor Municipal Pool opens to the public

Leve Projects Rehabilitation and expansion of the Can Millars Indoor Municipal Pool

On June 2018 the City Hall of Cornellà de Llobregat inaugurated Can Millars swimming pool after several months adapting and improving the facilities, involving the integral interior and exterior reform of the equipment and the creation of a square at ground level for rest and leisure.

The most important part of the rehabilitation and expansion of the Can Millars Indoor Municipal Pool was to move the main entrance to the upper floor. This important decision involves creating a new relationship between the building and its surroundings. A modification that must take into account the entrances, parking and coach loading areas, and outdoor solarium for members, but above all an overall improvement of the appearance of the building from the outside and its relationship with its surroundings by creating a new entrance esplanade, nearly horizontal, connecting Carrer Bonavista and the main foyer.

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