An exhibition designed for locals

Jordi Pascual Exposició temporal a Menorca “L’Illa per Descobrir”

Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve for two decades, but now the government has decided to promote this concept, understanding that it not only addresses natural values but also requires the involvement of all the stakeholders in the territory. Leve Projects was commissioned to prepare a travelling exhibition targeting Menorca residents, for which we opted to use three fold-out boxes that create the three display stands for the exhibition.

The first of the blocks is a model of the island that, instead of representing its geography, plays with layers to display the contents. This way, depending on the level you look at, you find a historical timeline, a demographic explanation, the role of the sea in residents’ daily lives, existing natural resources, etc. The top layer features three-dimensional graphics. All together, it is an explanation of the physical and demographic properties of the island of Menorca.


As an introduction to the topic of the biosphere, we created a paper newsletter specially for this purpose, explaining the concept, history and meaning of being a reserve. It is an element that strives to outlive the exhibition, designed for visitors to take home with them. The second booth, a kiosk, takes visitors deeper into the central topic of the exhibition.

The exhibition concludes with a third booth, a large postcard display, where postcards from today combine with others created for the occasion with scenes not seen on conventional postcards, such as gas stations and slaughterhouses, and others that speak of the future. In fact, this last element seeks to invite reflection not only on what it means to be a biosphere reserve but also to simultaneously look at the future of all Menorca residents. This element also features a table with sheets of paper, so visitors can leave their reflections on the future of the island.

With only three elements, easily removable and playing with the concept of a travel trunk, we aim to convey three basic concepts: the reality of the island, the implications of being a biosphere reserve and the future opportunities for action and intervention.