Carrer Ena-cent-50

The road becomes a street.
It follows the same axis, with lights that draw
a line in the sky and a distinct roughness on the ground,
punctuated by LEDs.

The section, strict and capable:
two lanes for cars and a bike path
On each side, safe, functional,
readable, like in Flanders, in an urban setting.

The pavements, adjusted, with squares
and widened, for exchanges
and meetings, bus stops, trees,
stretches of boulevard, parking areas.

Cars and bikes, along the side.
Crossing, the pedestrians, connecting
the casino, the railway station, the church, Terra Nostra,
the industrial estate, the Plaça del Poble…

The street levels off in the 21 area,
without bumps. To the northeast is a
balcony over the neighbourhood, open to the landscape,
the mountains and the infrastructure.

Two flat spots, the casino and the industrial estate, in the
long descent from the Coll drawn
by the ceiling of streetlights that create
the image of the new street.

The slight asymmetry of lamps and
trees accentuates the fact that the street slopes toward the
middle and the uniqueness
of the opportunity sites in the southwest.

The church of Santa Maria, above. Below,
the railway station and the Plaça del Poble. In between, the
green lung of the casino on the
new street, Ene-ciento-50.

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Start Date 27/02/2017
End Date 15/03/2017
Title Carrer Ena-cent-50
Mission Competition, Runner-Up
Typology Urban development
Location Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona
Developer Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Budget 3M € (PEM)
Architects Oriol Clos, Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats
Collaborators Miquel Arias (project), Guillem Bigas (project)

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