Escudellers Blancs Home

Iñaki found a building in very bad shape at a great price in the centre of Barcelona. And for many of us it was a great opportunity to get into our first home.

Eight of us, all friends and architects, ended up in this building, putting our pencils to paper on our “almost” first project. Each of us developed a different project, exploring different domestic conditions.

We had the task of coordinating the works in common areas: the stairs, roof, façades, lift and entrance. With Enrica Masciaro, one of the residents in the building, we designed a front door representing the diversity and nexus of the homes – friends.  To do this, we came up with a strategy that each flat would give us their original door and we would put them together to symbolise our joint efforts.

Start Date 1997
End Date -
Title Escudellers Blancs Home
Mission Pre-project, Preliminary Project, Executive Project, Site Management
Typology Rehabilitation and Renovation
Location El Gòtic, Barcelona
Area -
Developer Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla
Budget (PEM)
Architects Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla

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