"Lived Houses. Josep Llinàs, 1982-2008"

“Lived Houses. Josep Llinàs, 1982-2008” was an exhibition on the architect Josep Llinàs in the exhibition hall for the Promotion of Arts and Design Institution (FAD) in Barcelona. The aim was to show how the interiors were perceived and experienced by users. The show took the point of view of the receiver, not the creator. The exhibition was designed for the general public, not the architect, who is familiar to interpret cryptic or confusing plans. We conducted several short documentaries that exposed this view of the inhabitant. The videos captured the occupation and the testimonies of people that inhabit and live together in Llinàs designed spaces. Our way of looking wanted to be the one of the people who lives in or adjacent to Llinàs buildings. The street noises, screams and laughter of children, the furtive conversations, were part of what the buildings were.

Start Date 2008
Final Date 2008
Title "Lived Houses. Josep Llinàs, 1982-2008"
Mission Directon and production of eight audiovisual pieces
Typology Video
Location Barcelona
Director Eva Serrats
Production Leve
Duration 8 films about 5’ each
Format HD

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