An open-air archaeological museum

Jordi Pascual

The challenge of making an archaeological dig into a museum lies in adapting to the reality of the landscape without making it more difficult to properly see the ruins the visitors have come for. Leve Projects was commissioned to curate a castro, a pre-Roman fortified settlement that is common in Galicia, and to create a… Read more »

Temporary exhibition Menorca Biosphere Reserve “The Island to Discover”

Leve Projects

Based on the fact that the exhibition would be temporary and travelling, it was designed as a “little tour” to discover and learn more about the island. A format for touring towns and neighbourhoods, far from conventional exhibitions, drawing on the world of puppeteers and travelling merchants, on world of mouth and oddities.    … Read more »

Festa del Grafisme, a cross-border experience

Leve Projects

The Festa del Grafisme, organised by a group of professional graphic designers, defends a serene, slow look at graphic design, combining experimentation with playful experiences, and the link with the small, quiet population of Portbou, which is as cross-border as the design.     Understanding that the traditional conference format has become obsolete in the… Read more »