Architecture and Citizenship

“Architecture and Citizenship” is a program promoted by the COAC to publicize the services that a new character, the “general architect”, can offer directly to the public to address the needs for living space. Inspired by the role of the general practitioner, the “general architect ” is an architect of proximity, generalist, prepared to listen, make a diagnosis and advice directly the public, offering a roadmap to address the needs, solve directly or redirect specialist professional to another more appropriate. The project consists of a series of actions –courses, usable space for the public at the offices of the schools of architecture, etc.–, but also sets in motion an important role in communication. Leve Productora is in charge of the production of audiovisual material based on four proposals: a presentation videoclip of the project; a series of videotutorials on architectural issues; portraits of new architectural specialists; making of the given courses.

Start Date 20/04/2015
End Date 31/07/2015
Title Architecture and Citizenship
Mission Curatorial project
Typology Program
Location Barcelona
Curator Eva Serrats
Production Leve Productora
Coproduction The Architect’s Association of Catalonia, COAC

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