CT House

The CT house was born from the project to renovate a detached single-family home made up of five existing detached buildings on a plot resulting from a subdivision of the land, with one initial plot being expanded by taking part of the neighbouring plot: the main house on the original plot, with attached auxiliary building and porches; an auxiliary building with services for the pool, also on the original plot; a garage and workshop, both on the original plot; and the existing main house on the annexed plot, with an attached porch.

The renovation project consisted in partially demolishing some buildings and rehabilitating others to create a single-family home that would fit the specific needs of the family that would live there.

On the one hand, as one of the residents has reduced mobility, the project proposes adapting the existing buildings, all ground floor, to make sure all architectural barriers are removed and ensure accessibility to the whole plot.

On the other, as one of the residents has Down syndrome, the project also takes into account the possibility of an independent but assisted lifestyle near the main family unit, with a separate living area within the structure of the detached single-family home. Finally, the newly built construction would seal the union between the two main buildings.

This way, the project includes tearing down two of the auxiliary buildings and porches, building a structure to connect the two main buildings, removing architectural barriers throughout the plot, adapting the existing structures to the family’s functional needs and adapting the existing structures to current building requirements.

The project preserves the existing structural system based on load-bearing walls, which were shored up to allow for the new layout.

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Start Date 2009
End Date 2011
Title CT House
Mission Pre-project, Peliminary project, Executive project, Site management
Typology Renovation
Location Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Vallès. Barcelona
Area 359,34 m2
Developers Sergi, Mònica
Pressupost (PEM)
Architects Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla
Collaborators Adrianna Mas (project), Elena Garcia (surveyor), Raúl Martínez (installations), Carles Campanyà (structure)