Filibertus Home

Project for a single-family home in Les Planes for a couple with two young children, based on perfecting a wood building system backed by 50 years of experience and designed as a prototype.

The arched structure is an adaptation of the system invented in the 16thcentury by architect Philibert de l’Orme, who used it for roofs on homes and palaces. This structure is much lighter and stronger than flat ceilings and made Philibert’s buildings more solid and reliable over time.


Naturalness outside, comfort inside

All of the elements of the Filibertu are natural and organic. For the arched structure, the floors and ceilings are in natural wood (normally cluster pine) and metal pieces specially designed to join the wood pieces and simplify assembly. The façades can also be in cluster pine or in other natural woods, such as Brazilian walnut or etimoe.

Over time, small lichens start to grow on the roof, giving the exterior of the Filibertu an organic look. Rain water is collected in channels on either side of the arch, ensuring the dampness doesn’t affect the structure or interior of the home. The wood exterior requires little maintenance, as its semi-circular roof means very little wood is exposed to the elements.


An ad-hoc building system

Designed and personalised to fit the tastes of the people building the home. Unlike standard pre-fabricated homes, each Filibertu is unique and exclusive, adapted to the needs of the interior and exterior space.

Both the size of the arches (which determine the width and height of the home) and the depth (determined by how many arches are used, with a two-metre space in between) are variable and customised to the land and exterior conditions.

The space inside is personalised to meet the specific needs of the home, combining architecture and interior design to come up with a useful, comfortable, practical space.

No works required and utmost respect for the land

The Filibertu arch structure makes it easy to integrate the building into its surroundings. Each arch is set in a pre-fabricated cement footing, which acts as a solid foundation to sustain the structure with every guarantee of sturdiness.

The floating space between the base and the floor keeps the interior of the home up off the damp land. This also makes it easy to plan the layout and add them vertically at any point inside.

This system requires no foundation and makes construction much faster, with total production of a Filibertu taking just two months from project approval.

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Start Date 2014
End Date -
Ritle Filibertus Home
Mission Preliminary study
Typology New construction
Location Les Planes, Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona
Area 223,19 m2
Developer Eva Pérez and Jordi
Budget (PEM)
Architects Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats
Collaborators Oriol Casso (master carpenter), Xavier Mora (building engineer), Llorenç Ramos (installations).

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