Reurbanisation of Carrer del Bon Viatge

Carrer del Bon Viatge needs a new layout, giving up parking spots for pedestrian space. Specifically, one of the two lines of street parking would be removed to widen the pavements, re-distributed equally on either side of the street. Also, the remaining side parking, next to the road in the centre, was re-imagined as a space for services, with parking for loading and unloading in front of the many retail establishments, trash and recycling bins, and paid parking in the space left over.

Bon Viatge is a unique street that requires a transformation emphasising its community-based nature. The street differs from those around it, running from one end of the town to the other and acting as the heart of the urban network with high-street shops and the monumental façade of the church, making it a popular place to stroll.

Today, its potential is hidden behind cars parked on the street, emphasis on crossings and street signs, very narrow pavements compared to the retail activities, timid planting of trees not to scale, inappropriate lighting and a combination of urban elements and materials.

The new layout also includes a proposal for urban elements and materials designed to promote the synthesis and cleanliness of the urban space. It does not, however, sacrifice the evocativeness and personality of a street that dreams of being an avenue, calling out to truly be a good journey (*Bon Viatge means good journey in Catalan).

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Start Date 06/02/2015
End Date 10/11/2016
Title Reurbanisation of Carrer del Bon Viatge
Mission Preliminary Study, Executive project
Typology Urban development
Location Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona
Area -
Developer Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Budget 1,2M € (PEM)
Architects Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla
Collaborators Giovanna de Caneva (project), Adrianna Mas (project), Cristina Brun (project), Guillem Bigas (project), Javier Meliz (surveyor), Tdi (engineering)

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