The sensory dimension of a travelling exhibition

Leve Projects Exposició itinerant FCB Photoawards

An exhibition, unlike a published catalogue or a loop within a liquid screen, places us inside a unique sensory experience where we are both spectators and protagonists of a journey, a personal discovery. The proposal for the exhibition of photographs for the 1st International FCB Photography Prize, designed to raise awareness of the positive values that are an intrinsic part of the sport, uses an art gallery resource to display works autonomously, with the photographs suspended in the air from an invisible support system.



Stability comes from the inclined, self-supporting and easily transportable sports fence. This element is also characteristic of sports in general and the sections can be joined together to create various set-ups. The arrangement of the exhibited works is thus dynamic and free. As the assembly system adapts to different spaces, each exhibition becomes a unique setting.


The metal trestle adjusts its orientation and height to each visitor and their path. The lighting is fixed on the structure with an articulated arm to hang the projector at the right height. The exhibit labels, infographics, legends, credits and other graphic devices remain in the background, making it easier to read the works. The cost, transport and assembly of the elements adapt to each location.